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All you need to start your AIM Global business is just N38,000 in Nigeria or $250 from outside Nigeria. However, you can decide to do multiple accounts which implies more cost

Yes. The business is just as explained

Yes, we do not have compulsory autoship. AIM Global compensation plan is designed such that it allows you earn Direct Referral Bonus and Matching Bonus everyday without having to bother about Autoship, maintenance, top-up, PV. What a ease!

The starter package contains varieties of our producs thereby allowing you have a feel of almost all the products. It also contains bronchure that states our mission, vision, partners, products and all you need to know about AIM Global

AIM Global has an excellent line of products which keeps opening up new market in various countries across all continents in the world. This ensures continuous reorder as the products are in high demand. Moreover, AIM Global operates a hybrid Compensation Plan which is a combination of Binary, Unilevel and Stairstep Systems. You are not required to do any autoship before you earn in the Binary System (Direct Referral and Matching Bonus) but autoship is required to earn Unilevel and Stairstep Bonus.

AIM Global also factored a brilliant way of ensuring product movement in the Compensation plan without anyone having to make compulsory purchases or outsource funds to reorder. It is called ‘Gift Cheque’ which is one of our amazing Safety Net as a company and the reason we can afford to do Daily Payout to our partners across the world

All you need do is refer at least 2 people (one left, one right), help them understand the business and start working it out. As soon as you do this, you are on your way to the top

Yes you can, it is a brilliant way of securing a good future for them financially. However, you are the one that will build the business for them and you can only encash to a bank account that is opened in their name

Yes. An individual can have up to 15 accounts with his/her names under the Alliance In Motion Compensation Plan. However, this does not guarantee success in the business. Success is guaranteed when you put in the required efforts in building your business. Multiple account only put you in a position to earn more with the same efforts

Yes, however, our C24/7 and Restorlyf are not to be taken by kids because they contain anti-aging and mega-resveratrol blend. There are also products that are specially formulated for kids which are Kiddi 24/7 Nutra-Gummies and Mychoco.

AIM Global allows you to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account. We will require you to submit your bank account for linkage to your AIM Global business after registration and you can encash to your account by yourself at anytime.

Yes! One of the Uniqueness of AIM Global is that your registration allows you to do your business and also have partners across the world.

When you have single account, your earning potentials are limited to that one account. But when you have multiple accounts, you can earn in multiple ways whenever there are registrations under your network. Multiple accounts allows you to earn more on the same efforts.

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