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Enerchi Pendant

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Enerchi Pendant is another wonderful products from Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global. It is a product that blends health and fashion together.

Today, we live in a era of technology which has become part of our every day life. These devices emits electromagnetic field EMF which causes long term harmful effects to our body. Electro pollution from these devises can affect our body functionality by emitting radiation that gradually damages and kills the cells. Enerchi is therefore made to enable us use and enjoy technology without the harmful effects of radiation.

Enerchi Pendant is a result of 30 years of clinical research into protection against communicable disease. It helps to protect the body against pollution from Electromagnetic Field EMF thereby improving stamina, balance, flexibility and strength. It is the newest upgraded carrier of the iProtect 24/7 packet. The Enerchi is manufactured in the United States. It is made to house the I-Protect packet which is clinically tested to protect against bacteria and viruses. This is the world’s first mobile round-the-clock protection that aims to improve and bring back one’s natural body frequencies. It helps strengthen the body and also improve balance and endurance. It also improves liveliness and help replenish well-being.

EnerChi Pendant helps to protect against electro pollution and improve the body’s natural life force. Helps in enhancing stamina, flexibility, balance, and strength. The Pendant is fashionable and can be worn around the neck. Also available in different colours such as: Gold, Silver and Black, making it possible for you to slay and be healthy at the same time.

Enerchi can be worn by both old and young, anytime, anywhere, giving you all-round protection from air-borne diseases.



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