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Enerchi Diffuser

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The Enerchi Diffuser is another awesome product from Alliance In Motion Global. It is an anti-radiation product which helps to neutralize the negative effects of Electro-Magnetic Ration EMF.

With the way technology has taken over the world, we are exposed to radiation from different devices. We are surrounded by a wide range of EMF-producing factors, from Cellular phones, wi-fi, wireless baby monitors, smart metres, appliances, electronics even to fluorescent bulbs. While these electronic devices give us convenience in our daily lives, they mess up the electrical balance of our bodies. There is therefore need to neutralize the negative effects of EMF and that is where the Enerchi Diffuser comes in.

Enerchi Diffuser is made such that it can stick-on. It can be used on Phones, Laptops, Destops or any other electronic device to neutralize the effect of EMF.

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