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Economy Driver ED 2.0


Alliance In Motion Global is set to launch the Economy Driver ED 2.0 across the world. The ED 2.0 is an upgrade of the existing marketing plan. It was launched on September 8 in Africa, Europe, Asia and MiddleEast while full implementation starts on 18th. Major upgrade in the marketing plan includes:

  • Merging both Mega and Global packages to one single package.
  • Increase In Direct Referral Bonus and Matching Bonus.
  • Introduction of Uni Pay Plan UPP.
  • Additional Ranks: Silver Executive Prime, Gold Executive Prime, Global Ambassador Prime.

The Economy Driver ED 2.0 is indeed an excellent one geared towards making partners earn better. The upgrade has been widely received by AIM Global partners as we all look towards earning more from the business.

The ED 2.0 also ushered the Enerchi Diffuser into the various African countries. The Enerchi Diffuser is an antiradiation product that can be sticked on phones, laptop and other gadgets to neutralize the harmful effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequency EMF.

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