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Alliance In Motion Global South Africa

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Alliance In Motion AIM Global South Africa is looking for partners/distributors who are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and gaining financial freedom. Join AIM Global South Africa today and be part of our success stories.

AIM Global started in the Philippines in 2006 and currently has branches in over 30 countries of the world including South-Africa. Alliance in Motion Global South Africa has helped a lot of people attain financial freedom and fulfill their dreams. Imagine earning between ZAR420 – ZAR6,720 per day. That is awesome! The good news is that this can happen to you too. AIM Global is becoming a household name in South Africa as lot of people are joining this amazing opportunity every day. Turn your dreams into reality, achieve Optimal Health, Financial Freedom and a Superb Lifestyle with AIM Global.

To be part of AIM Global South Africa, you need to make a onetime purchase of our Global package. You can register and be part of Alliance In Motion Global South Africa with just ZAR2,980

AIM Global South AFrica

AIM Global SA Package

Your registration package comes with:
  • Varieties of AIM Global Products – Products that helps you look good and stay health
  • Folder for presentation – It explains the AIM Global products and business
  • Video Presentation CD
  • ATM application form – The ATM will be used for your daily and monthly income.
  • ID application form
  • Free DTC Distributor Tracking Center – You can monitor your business anywhere anytime from the convenience of your phone or PC. With your personalized username and password.
Ways to Earn

There are about 7 ways to earn with AIM Global business, let’s take them one after the other.

  1. Retailing: You can make between 25% – 30% retail profit when you share our wonderful products to people around you. The amazing thing is that you can still make Millions in AIM Global without having to retail
Ways to earn

Earn 25% – 30% Retail Profit

2. Direct Referral Bonus DRB:

  • Earn Direct Referral Bonus of ZAR200 when someone joins through you with our Mega Package of ZAR2,980
  • You make ZAR100 Direct Referral Bonus if they join with ZAR1,580

An individual can register as many people as possible, but it’s good you register at least 2 (one each on your left and right) so that you can earn the matching bonus continuously

3. Matching Bonus MB:

You earn Matching Bonus of ZAR420 whenever you have one person on your left and another one on your right. This can be earned from people you refer and the ones referred by your team members. Your one center can earn you up to ZAR6,720 per day.

4. Unilevel Bonus:

This is the bonus you earn when your team members reorder the products. You make between 5% – 10% Unilevel Bonus. Every partner can earn Unilevel Bonus regardless of the rank, all you need do is make a PMA of 0.3334pts.

5. Stairstep Bonus:

Stairstep Bonus can only be earned when you achieved a rank. You can earn between 10% – 40% depending on your rank. You earn Stairstep Bonus on products and packages purchased in your team.


6. GA Max

This Bonus can only be earned by people who have reached the Global Ambassador rank. 2% on purchase made by Global Ambassadors in your team.

Lifetime Benefits

  • 25% lifetime discounts on all Product reorder.
  • Daily earning – you can earn daily with AIM Global
  • International Business Expansion:AIM Global allows you do your business across the world. You can build your team both within and outside your country without any hassle, no need for re-registration.
  • Free DTC Distributor Tracking Center – You can monitor your business anywhere anytime from the convenience of your phone or PC. With your personalized username and password.
  • FREE Training: Training is the backbone of our business. We will train you on how to maximize your income in AIM Global.
  • Free Travel Incentives: You can also qualify to travel on how all expenses paid trip to Asia, Europe or USA
How to register

To register and be part of AIM Global South Africa, you first have to decide how many centers/accounts you would like to do. You can do 1, 3 or 7 centers. See below table for price of each.

Package TypeRegistration FeeNo of Accounts/CentresPotential Income Per Day
Starter PackageZAR2,9801ZAR6,720
Entrepreneur PackageZAR8,9403ZAR20,160
International Builders' PackageZAR20,8607ZAR47,040

After deciding how many accounts/centers you would like to go for.

  • 1 center –     ZAR2,980
  • 3 centers –   ZAR8,940
  • 7 centers –   ZAR20,860
Pay the amount due into the company account below:

           Bank: FNB

           Account Name: ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL

           Account Number: 62736957400

           Branch: CLIENT RESOLUTION

           Branch Code: 250655

After payment, kindly send payment confirmation (snapshot of teller or screenshot of transfer) to:

Solomon on +2347038212285 via Whatsaap, IMO or Viber

You can also forward to

Your registration will be processed within 24 hours of confirming your payment. You can pick up your package at any of our offices close to you. Your package can also be sent to you via courier service.

About AIM Global South-Africa Products

AIM Global Products are all natural and safe nutritional supplements. They contain antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that help the body fight against free radicals and have optimal health. Feel good, look good and stay healthy always with AIM Global Products. Majority of our products are manufactured in U.S. by highly revered food supplements companies with dedicated health professionals, nutritionists, herbalists and scientists. Please note that these products are only exclusive for distributorship by Alliance In Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global) and its registered partner distributors. This means that these products are not available in pharmacies and drug stores.

Alliance In Motion Global South-Africa Office

For more Information on how to register and be part of AIM Global South-Africa, or how to locate our office in SA, feel free to contact: Solomon: +2347038212285 Whatsapp, IMO or Viber You can also use our Live Chat button and get response almost immediately

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