Compensation Plan

AIM Global Compensation Plan is in no doubt one of of the best compensation plan in MLM today. It is the major thing that has set us apart from all other Direct Selling Companies. It is a Hybrid Compensation Plan which makes it stand out among the best.

AIM Global Compensation plan is a Hybrid Binary System which is a combination of: Binary, Unilevel and Stairstep compensation plan. This unique compensation Plan has earned us the Top Direct Selling Plan Award in the last 5years (2014-2019).

It is even set to get better with the new upgrade and additional compensation plan Uni Pay Plan UPP which birthed the Economy Driver ED 2.0. The Economy Driver ED 2.0 was launched on 8th September 2020 and it is indeed bigger, better and more exciting.

There are about 7 ways to make money in the AIM Global business. Let us take them one after the other.

  1. Retailing

You can make 25%-50% Retail profit just by sharing the AIM Global Products to friends and family. However, retailing is highly OPTIONAL in the AIM Global Compensation Plan. There are 5 other ways to earn without buying and selling

2. Direct Referral Bonus

For every person that you personally refer to join the AIM Global Business, you make a Direct Referral Bonus of N4,500. An individual can refer as many as possible but we advice that you refer at LEAST 2 people to join you for continuity.

Direct Referral Bonus

Compensation Plan

3. Matching Bonus

Whenever you have one person to your left and another to your right, you get a Matching/Pairing Bonus of N7,000. The Matching/Pairing Bonus  continue to come in as people are joining your team both on the left and right. It doesn’t matter whether they are referred by you or someone in your team. On your one account registration, you can earn up to a maximum of 24Matches (i.e. 24 X N7,000) per day as people join on the right and left of your network which is N168,000/day.

Matching Bonus Nigeria

Economy Driver ED 2.0 Nigeria

 The AIM Global Compensation Plan allows you to do multiple accounts for yourself i.e 3 or 7 centres. Multiple accounts gives you the opportunity to earn more on the same effort . See below:

Entrepreneur Package: 3 Centres

Registering 3 accounts otherwise known as Entrepreneur Package cost N134,664 (i.e N44,888 X 3). You collect 3 Global packages and also make an Immediate Return On Investment of N16,000 (i.e DRB and MB). Potential Income for Entrepreneur Package when it is fully built is N504,000 per day.


AIM Global 3 Profit Centres

Entrepreneur Package

 International Package: 7 Accounts/Centres

7 accounts also known as International package cost N314,216 (i.e N44,888 X 7). You collect 7 Global packages and also make an Immediate Return On Investment of N62,000 (i.e DRB and MB). International Package has a potential income of  N1,344,000 per day when it is fully built.


AIM Global 7 Profit Centres Nigeria

Economy Driver 2.0 Nigeria

  1. Unilevel Bonus

Another way to earn in the AIM Global Compensation Plan is the Unilevel Bonus. Here you earn 5%-10% bonus on  monthly purchased of your direct referrals and their respective downlines’ purchases up to the 10th generation. Levels are completed from further down when anyone in the 10 levels made no purchase for the month. Same with all your direct referrals and their respective downlines no matter how many (no limit)

  1. Stairstep Bonus

As you rank up in the business, you earn 10% – 40% Stairstep Bonus on every product re-order in your team. 10% as a Silver Executive. 20% as a Gold Executive. 30% as a Global Ambassador. 35% as a Ruby Global Ambassador and 40% as a Diamond Global Ambassador.

  1. GA MAX

GA Max – As a Global Ambassador, you earn 2% Bonus on all the Global Ambassadors you produce and their team.


One Year Scenerio

Let’s show you how the AIM Global Compensation Plan can turn you into a Multimillionaire in just one year with just an investment of N38,000 and the power of two (2). In this scenerio, we are looking at just the Matching Bonus (MB) of N4,800.

This is how it works. Let’s say you join this business in January 2019 and you refer your 2 (one left, one right) within the first month, you make a matching bonus of N4,800. If your 2 also refer their 2 each within their first one month (February) of registering, you make a matching bonus of N9,600. Taken that the 4 new people that register in your team also refer their 2 each within their first one month (March), you make a matching bonus of N19,200. Assuming the same thing continues down the line, that each person that joins your team will refer their 2 each within their first month of registering, then you would have made over N9million at the end of the year on a business you started with just N38,000.

Becoming financially free with the AIM Global system is that simple: First, Register, then get 2 people who are passionate about becoming financial free and get them sign up in the business and you are on your way to living the life of your dreams.

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