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AIM Global 14th Year Virtual Anniversary

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AIM Global 14th Year Virtual Anniversary

With the COVID 19 pandemic ravaging the world, one would think it is impossible to hold any major event around the world. But Alliance In Motion AIM Global company has defiled the norm and celebrated her 14th years anniversary.

The anniversary was held on Sunday 28th June 2020 and has attendees from over 78 Nations of the world. The anniversary was a virtual one and was live on Facebook having over 50,000 participants all through. The Anniversary was anchored by Jurgen Gonzales – VP for Business Development and Arnel Limpin – VP for Training and Network Develpment. Over 500 Millionaire Circle members were awarded and more distributors also climb the Global Ambassador rank.

AIM Global once again set a record by holding the largest Virtual Anniversary in the history of MLM. Also breaking the Facebook record of having over 1.3 million comments and more than 1.7 million engagements in 5 hours. As such, one can say that the AIM Global 14th Year Virtual Anniversary was a grand success.

As usual, lots of prizes were won in the raffle draw. Prizes ranging from Motor bikes, Phones, Ipads, headset and so on was won with the grand prize being a car.

AIM Global 14th Year Virtual Anniversary

Highest Facebook Comments/Engagements in less than 5 hours

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