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High Value Income Opportunity – Our True Passion
The AIM Global business opoortunity operate a unique system of rewarding it partners which is the hybrid compensation plan, thereby making it possible to earn in 6 exciting ways.

The Uniquesness of The AIM Global System
Turning Ordinary People Into Extraordinary MultiMillionaires

When you decide to join the AIM Global business, these are what you enjoy:

  • One time, lifetime, International Registration – Your one time registration in Alliance In Motion Global Business earns you a lifetime benefit. No yearly renewal. You can also maximize your income potential by registering people across countries without having to re-register. Isn’t that sweet. Business Without Boundary
  • World class products – your registration comes with our product package. Look healthy, feel healthy with our varieties of products. Value back for your money
  • Daily payout of commission directly to your bank account – AIM Global business allows you to encash your bonus everyday, from your dashboard directly to your bank account. Anytime of the day.
  • No compulsory buying and selling of products, no hawking or unnecessary accumulation of products – One of the many reasons why people do the AIM Global business is that retailing is not compulsory. You can earn well in the Alliance In Motion Global business without retailing. The compensation plan is structured to automatically factored in reorder, without partners having to outsource funds to purchase. This is what we call Fifth Pairing or Gift Cheque GC
  • No pyramiding, matrix filling or cycling: Our Compensation Plan is a hybrid binary system which makes it quite lucrative and easy compare to other compensation plans. There is no cycling out, matrix filling or stages to be completed
  • No compulsory Maintenance, Top-up, PV or Autoship: Unlike almost all networking marketing companies out there where maintenance/Autoship is compulsory before you earn, Alliance In Motion Global allows you earn in 3 out of our 6 ways of earning without maintenance.
  • DTC Distributor/Data Tracking Centre – where you access information regarding your business, encash your bonus to your bank account etc anytime , anywhere on your phone or PC.
  • Professional Training System- Training is the backbone of our business. We coach you to understand the business, maximize your income and teach it down to your team.
  • Lifetime Earnings – Your one time registration with AIM Global put you in a position to earn for life.

Check out our Compensation Plan to know more about AIM Global Business and how you can maximize our income potential

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