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Success is a habit, if you don’t like where you are today, dare to make a change. Alliance In Motion Global is here to help you change your life – Mr Raymond J. Asperin – CMO AIM Global


There is no doubt, one thing that has set Alliance In Motion Global apart from other companies is our unique compensation plan, it is a hybrid compensation plan which makes it stand out among the best.

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Alliance In Motion Global business opportunity is widely known by its unique slogan which is ‘Turning Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Multimillionaires’ and that is why more people are saying YES to this business. Here is a step-by-step explanation or guide on how to join the Alliance In Motion Global business opportunity and enjoy its lifetime benefits.

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No need to be confused, get answers to your questions with our compilation of commonly asked questions and suitable responses.

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Million+ Partners World wide


Branches in 30 Countries


Self-made Multi-Millionaires


Years Of Touching Lives

Success Stories

I have found a goldmine, AIM Global is a goldmine

AIM Global Backed International Innovation Award

BURN SLIM, Shred weight. Get your desired body

Excerpts from Alliance In Motion Global 12th Year Anniversary

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Great Reward

The Alliance In Motion Global business opportunity operates a unique system of rewarding it partners which is the hybrid Compensation Plan, thereby making it possible to earn in 6 exciting ways. You can check out our Compensation Plan for a step-by-step explanation on this

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Our Products

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  • AIM Global has changed me from being a gardener to living in a house of my own, driving cars of my dream and travelling the world. If this can happen to me, why not you?. All you need to do is START!

    Ijimade Ebenezer Elite Global Ambassador
  • Let us continue being a blessing to others. Let us continue helping those who want to be helped through AIM Global. That is what I have been doing for the past 23years in this industry and I'd like you to do the same

    Engr. Francis M Miguel CFO AIM Global
  • We believe in what we do, what we do is not only conquering fear, but conquering poverty one country at a time

    Dr. Eduador L. Cabantog CEO AIM Global